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EndoVenous Laser Ablation (EVLT)

Safely treats damaged veins with minimal surgery and no downtime..


Sclerotherapy is an injection treatment used to eliminate spider veins and small to medium sized varicose veins.

Vascular Ultrasound Screening

Duplex ultrasound uses painless, high-frequency waves higher than human hearing can detect. Your physician uses duplex ultrasound to measure the speed of blood flow and to see the structure of your leg veins..

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San Diego Vein Specialists
Our vision at San Diego Vein Specialists is to provide complete diagnostic care, consultation, and vein treatment under one roof. San Diego Vein Specialists was established in 2014 as an addition to the Cardiovascular Institute of San Diego to add exclusive treatment to venous disease in addition to complete cardiac care facility by Dr. Mehran Moussavian.

At Vein Specialists of San Diego, we strive for quality care and patient satisfaction. We put our efforts to provide meaningful and prompt cardiac care to primary care physicians as well as their patients.

Dr. Moussavian is a board certified in interventional cardiology, general cardiology and internal medicine. He completed his residency at Yale, and later served as the chief medical resident and assistant professor at Yale. He completed his cardiology fellowship and interventional cardiology

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