Topical Laser Treatment

Topical Laser Treatment

Tiny, “feathery,” and a “blush” of spider veins (called “telangiectasia”) are too small for sclerotherapy needles to get inside the vein for injection.  Using a hand-held device with a tiny “hair-thin” probe that is attached by a cord to a machine that generates micro-bursts of high-frequency energy (4 MHz) which is released through the tip of the micro-probe and delivered to the tiny spider vein.  The heat causes the blood vessels to close as the blood coagulates.  It does not work well for the larger veins which are more amenable to Sclerotherapy, but it does work well for the tiny spider veins.  It is a complementary technology to needle-based Sclerotherapy for the full spectrum of cosmetic vein treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions Specific to Topical Laser Treatment

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